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NorthLight Foundation supports groups working to protect the Alaskan Arctic from oil, gas, timber, and other resource exploitation.

Here are several of our grantees in this area:  


Natural Resources Defense Council

To support work to defend against ill- conceived proposed fossil fuel, mineral, and natural resource extraction activities in Bristol Bay (Pebble Mine), the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, the Tongass, and off-shore in the Arctic Ocean.


Arctic Refuge Defense Campaign

To support the work of representatives of national, state-based and Native-led groups in coalition to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from potential oil and gas development.


Gwich’in Steering Committee

To secure permanent protections for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to ensure the long-term health and viability of the Porcupine Caribou herd that sustains the Gwich’in way of life


Native Movement

To provide leadership and support for grassroots-led projects that endeavor to ensure Indigenous Peoples’ rights, the rights of Mother Earth, and the building of healthy & sustainable communities for all